Throughout this website (and others like it), you will see references to “anti”. You probably get it, but it is worth the effort to more fully define anti.

What is “anti”?

In it’s most basic meaning, anti is anyone who, or any group or business that, opposes a freedom practiced by others, even if that freedom is practiced in venues that do not inescapably infringe upon the opposer.

As it applies to the use of tobacco products, anti obsessively desires, lobbies and/or votes for any action that serves to stop adults from using tobacco products.

These actions include:

  1. Bans on use of tobacco products wherever those products can be used, without regard for private property, personal space or reason. For example, not just restaurants, bars and entertainment venues, but outdoor entertainment venues (restaurant and bar patios, outdoor sporting arenas - not even in designated areas outside), lengthy distances from entrances and windows, in the outdoors wherever they can, in your own vehicles, and, in a few cities in California, your own home if your home is an apartment or multi-dwelling home.

  1. Increased cost of purchase of tobacco products - in other words, prohibition by expense. This has included increased taxes upon tobacco products (or as some like to euphemistically call them, “user fees”) in the face of total retail costs per unit that far exceed any other product or service, lawsuits against tobacco companies that will lead to awards that tobacco companies must collect from consumers, and increased costs of other living expenses for users of tobacco products (such as health insurance).

  1. Stigmatization of users of tobacco products. Anti lobbies for the negative portrayal of tobacco users and anti lobbies to stop any positive or neutral portrayal of tobacco users. Anti makes sure that when a famous individual’s tobacco use is seen in public, it is portrayed as a sin akin to drug use or binge drinking. Anti supports education efforts that go way beyond telling children not to smoke and why - anti requires that children be trained to treat adult smokers with disrespect and disdain.

  1. Denying those who use tobacco products the ability to work. Anti, in the last few years, has come out in full support of any company who adopts a policy of firing and refusing to hire anyone who uses a tobacco product - even on their own time, such as when at home.

Anti might use any number of excuses to justify their desires, and they might sound concerned or altruistic, but a critical study of any anti objectives will reveal their true intentions: To make the use of tobacco products as inconvenient as possible, as expensive as possible and, ultimately, impossible.

Who is Anti?

Anti can be organizations - some with the sole purpose (ASH, Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, The Legacy Foundation), some with ancillary, or seemingly ancillary purpose (American Cancer Society), and some with purpose motivated by profit (Johnson & Johnson, GlaxoSmithCline). In many cases, profit and obsession go hand-in-hand.

Anti can be a media source. Whether it be a journalist or writer or an entire media organization (news paper, television show, cable site). Anti is seen here when the news prints anti-friendly articles - with little or no opposing views, no critical treatment of or research into anti claims, and an overall story air of altruism or righteous indignation.

Anti can also be individuals - citizens, politicians, government officials, business owners - who support the anti agenda. Like organizations, their motivations can be profit (the smoke hating restaurant owner who doesn’t want to lose business to competitors), payoff (the politician who gets perks from an organization if he votes their way) or simply neurotic obsession.

Why is Anti?

Most of anti is malicious. Twenty to thirty years ago, many actions of anti were quite conceivably altruistic - when they were simply pushing non-smoking sections in a world of all smoking, all the time. Today, all actions of anti are quite clearly self-serving and hateful. Bans indoors and outdoors with no exceptions or concern for businesses or patrons; tax increases that are not only hurtful by and large to the poor, but make little economic sense; and their unabashed support for firing policies of smokers.

Anti cannot be reasoned with, for anti is not interested in reason, fairness or balance. Those individuals whom superficially support anti actions but are able to engage in dialogue and see reason - they are not anti. Anti might pay you lip service, but they will not change their point of view no matter what you say or what evidence you present against their position. Anti may only bend when bending will get them some of what they want, but be rest assured that anti will bend back as soon as it can to get the rest.

Some anti might be purely interested in profit - and for that, it is not profitable to be anything other than anti. Certainly, much of organized anti has some interest in profit - they do it for a living.

Some anti might be anti because of illness or allergy - in this, their chosen outlet for grief or anger is in persecution of an inanimate villain, and those who dare to enjoy it.

Some anti might have used to use tobacco products - and they can only keep themselves from using tobacco products again by being anti.

For the most part, though, anti is ruled by it’s hated of tobacco products and, by extension, those that use tobacco products.

One might find it ridiculous to define and demonize the anti-tobacco movement in the articulation of “anti”; I find it ridiculous that the “anti” mentality and agenda has flavored and infiltrated all areas of society - not unlike how islamic extremism has come to dominate the middle east.

Addendum: With regard to the recent advent of the Electronic Cigarette, it must be said that a small part of “anti” has proven to actually be just genuinely concerned with health. But most of anti, as seen by their actions against the E-Cig, are just as the above describes and derides. There really is no better evidence of most of anti’s irrational hatred.

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What is “Anti”