For many a tobacco user, the below goes without saying. But to be sure, read on for a basic primer on being a conscientious but firm enjoyer of tobacco:

First off, I’m going to say this: If you want to quit, then quit. If you find that you can’t, then either you lack a great deal of strength and character OR you really don’t want to quit, but feel pressured to do so by all the stigmatization going on. Decide now - are you going to quit or are you going to defend this freedom before it’s gone? Quite frankly, our movement to restore freedom to this country does not want wishy-washy wafflers.

Okay, you enjoy using a tobacco product and are sick of the loss of our freedom. Good, now read on:

Be proud that, in this day of ostracism, you continue to enjoy a tobacco product. This also means that you have a duty to defend it. If anyone politely chastises you for using a tobacco product, then politely but sternly tell them to mind their own business. If your doctor starts to give you a lecture, stop him immediately. If he refuses to do so, leave and find another doctor (most doctors will leave you alone if you ask). If someone rudely belittles or chastises you for using a tobacco product, tell them - in the level and quality of resentment you’re comfortable with - to go fuck themselves. If anyone persists in harassing you, then walk away and don’t look back or, if in a workplace, take official “harassment” prevention steps. In this day and age, other minorities do NOT stand for such crap - neither should you.

And for heavens sake, DON’T be apologetic or guilty - you have nothing to apologize for. Seriously, do you want to be compared to the down-and-out losers the media love to interview on smoking bans from the street who whine, “I want to quit but I can’t”.

If you are in a place that explicitly allows tobacco use and someone raises an issue with it, be polite but stern in reminding them that that it’s allowed there and that if it bothers them, they can go somewhere where it’s prohibited. Just as you seek out places you can smoke, so can they seek out places where it’s not allowed. They’ve got a majority of places they can go - remind them of that too. This does NOT mean you should blow smoke in someone’s face who isn’t smoking - be respectful too.

And lastly, do not compromise in your defense of smoking on private property. Later on you will learn exactly how society has been lied to in regard to ETS (second hand smoke) and health. There is no compromise: Private property - read that as privately owned businesses like restaurants and bars, one’s car and one’s residence - should suffer NO regulation with regard to the use of tobacco products (the obvious exceptions being flammable situations like gas stations).

Some love to argue that employees in bars and restaurants are captive to smoking. Bull. No one holds a gun to their heads and says that they have to work there. Many occupations in this world entail “occupational hazards” - chemists and coal miners come to mind. If a bar or restaurant worker honestly believes that ETS is bad for them, or they have a health condition that is aggravated by ETS, then BY THEIR OWN DECISION they shouldn’t be working in a smoking-allowed environment. In this day and age, they’ve got plenty of choices.

As a side note: The common axiom is that former smokers immediately turn anti-smoking. This is not true. In my experience, former smokers who have a lack of strength and character turn into rabid anti-smokers, because it’s the only thing that can keep them from smoking again. Former smokers who have great strength and character not only have no problem with others smoking around them (though they may miss smoking) but also tend to support our fight for freedom. I can’t count how many great friends and individuals I’ve come to know where later I’d find out they used to smoke yet still support our fight. If you have a “friend” who used to smoke and he’s acting like an asshole to you because you still do, that person is not worth keeping as a friend.

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