Do NOT Feed The Enemy

As an individual fighting for our freedom, would you donate money to an anti-smoking group? Of course not... not knowingly. Here’s advice on how not to feed the enemy unwittingly.

Say NO to all “Health” Charities and Unfamiliar Foundations

Perhaps the biggest (and in many cases, hardest) thing you can do is NOT donate to “Health” Charities and Organizations. You might have a personal connection to a disease or condition one or more of them are fighting (or claiming to fight) and feel compelled to contribute. This is admirable - but also inadvertently shooting ourselves in the foot.

The fact is, many of these “Health” Charities and Organizations contribute heavily toward the anti-smoking movement, often below the radar.  For example, the American Cancer Society is heavily invested in the anti-smoking movement, including specialized branches of lawyers and professional advocates sent to aid and abet anti-smoking proponents whenever a ban is being proposed in a legislative body. The March of Dimes recently announced its absolute support for smoking bans.

The fact is, it is impossible to determine which few health charities do NOT contribute, in voice, action or money, to smoking bans and tax increases. I realize that these organizations have done some good things over the years, but this does not excuse the money and effort they exert to take our freedoms away, and in many cases more money and effort than they use to actually support research for cures. SAY NO and if they contact you asking for money tell them NO and TELL THEM WHY.

The other group to avoid feeding are unfamiliar organizations. Certainly, a great many anti-smoking organizations are obvious in their name and actions, but there are some that are not. for example, you may not realize that the benign sounding Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and The Legacy Foundation are, basically and purely, anti-smoking organizations. If you feel compelled to donate to any organization, MAKE DAMN SURE that no part of their efforts go toward anti-smoking efforts. Do the research, ask the questions and scrutinize anything they claim to be health or social activities.

So, what can you safely do? Well, there are charitable “donations” you can do that will not feed the enemy:

Donating Blood and other organs

Donating inexpensive food and clothing items

Donating time and personal effort

These, reasonably, cannot be converted to cash to fund anti-smoking activities.

Be weary and cautious with Pharmaceutical Companies

You need to understand that the biggest financial supporters of the anti-smoking movement today are pharmaceutical companies. Why? Because they are trying to expand their stagnant market base for smoking cessation devices. You would be staggered at the amount of money they contribute.



Of course, there is no way that we can be expected to boycott all pharmaceutical products - some of them are good products and necessary products. But we can approach it with caution and minimize our “donations”. A couple of suggestions:

The biggest players are, obviously, pharmaceutical companies that make smoking cessation drugs. The big two I readily know are Johnson and Johnson and GlaxoSmithCline. In fact, J&J is the biggest shareholder and contributor to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, which exists purely to push anti-smoking legislation.

Buy as few products as you can from these and other pharmaceutical companies that make stop-smoking devices and drugs. Pharmaceuticals can be tricky to avoid, but certainly home care products from J&J can be avoided.

Wherever you can, go with generic drugs and generic home care products. Grocery store brands are a safe bet, and you’ll save money too.

Do not ever use a smoking cessation drug if you plan on quitting. Quit like a man (or woman) - don’t confirm for them what their marketing department is selling - that smoking bans and taxes have made you a customer.

Financially, I won’t tell you to stupidly and ineffectively dump stock that you own. But, I would suggest you be more eager to dump it on a downturn.

Do NOT buy from Companies that Discriminate against Smokers

Did you know that some companies actually refuse to hire smokers? In many states of the United States, it is perfectly legal for a company to refuse to hire anyone who smokes - even if they only smoke on their own time. These companies “drug” test their employees and will, in fact, fire anyone who tests positive for nicotine. This sort of discrimination is not only sanctioned by some states in the US, it is also being actively encouraged by many anti-smoking organizations, openly.

Most companies practicing this form of discrimination are small companies, business to business companies and health-related companies and are not readily known, but a few are big and well known and are listed below (as I hear of more, I will list them):

  1. Scotts - Yes, the maker of lawn products, including “Miracle Grow”

                            Proof Link (page 36, 38 on your reader)

For heaven’s sake, do not buy from these companies! Find alternatives. And, please, take the time to write to these companies and let them know you won’t buy from them and why.