I would like to say first and foremost that, for each individual, there are a myriad of issues, philosophies and values that matter in selecting your choice of candidate. This website’s Election Guide in no way serves to diminish this fact.

Some of you may be what a conservative friend of mine has coined as a “one issue” voter. Most of you, I’m sure, are not. Certainly I’m not. But for those of you visiting this site for the first time, let me explain why the data in this “election guide” should be an important consideration - out of many - in your decision.

It’s easy for a candidate to get up and say loudly, “less government, more freedom”. It’s also easy for a candidate to get specific on issues that command sizable polling support. But, what is becoming rare in this world is for a candidate to apply “less government, more freedom” evenly and logically through all aspects of governance.

A really good test of “less government, more freedom” consistency is the stance on smoking bans. Why? Because opposing smoking bans shows unwavering and reasonable support of business owners and private property freedom in the hateful face of: most major media editors, many money-throwing special interests groups (funded largely by the bottomless well that is the pharmaceutical industry), and, quite frankly, many loud and selfish individuals whom, for whatever reason - be it personal tragedy or inconvenience - want everything to be their way. Never mind the fact that, pre-ban, things were mostly their way by market forces - they want it all.

Bottom line: If you want a candidate who will most certainly keep government out of our lives and keep government minimal, if he or she opposes smoking bans - that’s the ultimate test. If they are willing to stand up for a business owners right to allow the legal activity of smoking on their private property against what often seems like a public tide against, or even against their own personal preferences, they will have no qualms about protecting business owners and citizens against threats to freedom that aren’t so controversial or, for that matter, other threats that are controversial or are getting controversial.

As we have seen through the last two decades, many politicians who claimed to be for “less government, more freedom” ultimately prove the opposite. And the first, easiest and most lucrative step on that slippery slope is usually supporting anti-smoking legislation.

Yes, this “Election Guide” only focuses on two stances: Smoking bans and tobacco taxes. You know what? - this alone is more than one person with a day job can barely handle. You can find out most everything else about a candidate from the web and the candidate’s own website - easily found by googling their name. But not usually this information, so use it as part of your decision. And keep in mind: What will the “banners” ban tomorrow?

Interesting notes on compiling this Election Guide:

As I have written candidates throughout this state, I’ve seen a pattern: Most of those that oppose smoking bans are quite open and proud about it. Most of those that support smoking bans, and face freedom-minded challengers, are hard pressed to admit it. Seriously, it takes me several letters before, if ever, they reply. Some spew the same tired “second hand smoke” crap - nearly word for word from a special interest group press release. Some have even tried to use misleading language to obfuscate their position.  And others even curtly say “I don’t smoke” or “I like eating in a smoke free atmosphere”. No regard for business owners, no regard for choices - only regard for themselves.

And the pattern you should see is that those who support smoking bans know they are wrong. They know it’s against the freedom this country stands for. And they are afraid to admit their discontinuity on freedom, at least until they are safely in office.

It is also interesting to note that - clearly not most, but - a significant number of Republicans are negative toward this freedom. And a few Democrats are positive to this freedom. An old convention has been that Republicans would support the freedom and Democrats would not. This is simply not true anymore - and is why this Election Guide is important.