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Bills of the last few years that have really hurt smokers - and the guilty congressmen involved

i.e. President Obama’s Legacy of Hate

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This is a headline database of all things tobacco and E-Cig. Yes, it is clearly anti-run, but does make some attempt to publish “good” news as well. It is also a very good “late breaking” resource for immediate threats and obscure assaults. Articles are sortable by State, Country, Subject and Tag Line.

Citizens Freedom Alliance

(The Smoker’s Club Inc.)

While this link goes to a memorial to its creator and queen, “heirs” to her empire are reviving the old website - check it every now and then.


Forces International

A Worldwide Source for tobacco freedom information, scientific evidence and governmental / corporate / media fraud.


Other Links of Interest to the Smoker

In the nine years of SmokerPower’s existence (August 2003-August 2012), I have met many great people also committed to fighting against the antis and we have, collectively, made great strides in organizing and presenting the evidence showing that the whole second hand smoke scare is a farce that is used to rob property owners of their freedoms and individuals of a pleasure, all for the satisfaction of the anally few and for pharmaceutical corporate greed.

I still hope, and will always hope, that the masses will wake up and realize that this whole antismoking thing was a brainwash job, that all liberty fighters will unreservedly include tobacco use in their fights, that any politician who claims to want “less government in our lives” will include tobacco freedom in that mantra, that the news conglomerate will break the story of the fraud of second hand smoke, and that courts of law will see that fraud and strike down bans.

I also hope that all those whom have unrepentantly championed bans and tax increases will come to know a special level of hell.

But, quite frankly, I don’t know what I can do anymore or even if what I do has any effect. And, I’m tired.

Therefore, I have decided to largely decommission SmokerPower.Info.

Much of the information I have generated for SmokerPower has great value, both practical and sentimental, so I simply must archive it publicly - One hopes that others will see it and use it. All of this can be found below.

Many of a younger generation and of a better capability will continue this fight – and I will assist as I can and will keep a cigarette lit in their honor.

Note: smokers-united.com stopped updating earlier this year, then went dark recently. One guesses the originators retired.